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Wedding planning

Timely and thoroughly planned wedding preparations for your “D Day” are not the only thing you will be concerned about. There will be a lot more. Create, ensure, telephone around, reserve, order, organize, send out, announce, try, select, arrange, hire, and actually get all of that done, and all on your own. To be honest, as you can see, there is lot that needs to be done. And what’s more, you will want to look well rested, happy and fresh…That is why we are here for you – Immo et Immo.

We will plan, arrange and organize everything for you. We will come to you home, discuss everything according to your wishes and ideas together. And you will see how simple it will suddenly be.

What’s new

20.8.2008 Wedding Fair

13.-15.2.2009 Wedding Fair at Diplomat Hotel

20.8.2008 Valentine’s

The 14th of February is Valentine’s…do not forget to give your loved one something special.



What people have said about us

Emma & Thomas

Planning and preparing our wedding day was very demanding for us in terms of time. Thanks to the agency we managed everything perfectly. Thank you for your patience and endless enthusiasm.

created Anawe