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Wedding design

It is new to the Czech market! We will wrap the entire wedding into an original visual style, according to your relationship. Let us give you a brief example…

Our clients met through an advertisement. This is where we get our inspiration from – the wedding invitation reminds us of an advertisement, the bride has newspaper cuttings arranged in her bouquet, the wedding cake is decorated with letters, and our designer looks after the bride’s dress, including original accessories to the groom’s outfit. A special dress is designed for the bride from silk, with text from advertisements gently imprinted on it. The wedding date is identical to the date the advertisement was released in the newspaper.

And the location for the wedding ceremony? An old printing house converted into a small printing museum!

What’s new

20.8.2008 Wedding Fair

13.-15.2.2009 Wedding Fair at Diplomat Hotel

20.8.2008 Valentine’s

The 14th of February is Valentine’s…do not forget to give your loved one something special.



What people have said about us

Emma & Thomas

Planning and preparing our wedding day was very demanding for us in terms of time. Thanks to the agency we managed everything perfectly. Thank you for your patience and endless enthusiasm.

created Anawe