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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why should we choose your agency?
  2. The agency Immo et Immo is a dynamic, original and unforgettable agency, which approaches each client with love and care. We do not offer promises, but we pursue action, as we know how beautiful it can be.

  3. Can I just order selected services from you? Such as the wedding invitation?
  4. Yes, you can choose what service you would like. We offer a wide spectrum of services and it is up to the client, who chooses the services him/herself. If you are interested in having wedding invitations completed, we will provide you with service of this nature.

  5. Does it matter, if I have already selected the dress myself?
  6. It does not matter. We will be more than pleased to advise you on other matters.

  7. What types of weddings do you offer?
  8. We offer various types of weddings, untraditional and traditional, original and classic. It all depends on your selection and taste.

  9. How long do preparations take for an Immo wedding?
  10. Complete wedding preparations from A to Z, from our first visit to your wedding day takes anywhere between 5-6 months.

  11. What is wedding design?
  12. Wedding design is complete provision of your wedding in a unified, untraditional and original spirit – design.

  13. Can I just have you “design” my wedding and arrange it myself?
  14. Yes, we will be pleased to design your wedding and give advice and provide calculations. The designs we create are sure to surprise.

  15. Where is your agency located?
  16. Agency Immo et Immo is situated directly at your place. It sounds funny, but we are trying to save you money, as we do not want to pay for something that is pointless. We will gladly show you that it is possible to arrange a wedding without having to rent expensive office space.

  17. When can we contact you?
  18. You can contact us, whenever you have time.

  19. Are your services affordable?
  20. Really everybody can afford our services.

What’s new

20.8.2008 Wedding Fair

13.-15.2.2009 Wedding Fair at Diplomat Hotel

20.8.2008 Valentine’s

The 14th of February is Valentine’s…do not forget to give your loved one something special.



What people have said about us

Olga & Lubos

We truly enjoyed our wedding day!! Thank you for the excellent organization and support!

created Anawe