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The Internet presentation www.ImmoEtImmo.cz is made with an effort to be reached maximal accessibility of its content. It meets all-important principles of accessibility according to the method Blind Friendly Web (project United organization of purblind and blinds) amendment Nr. 365/2000 Code and WCAG 1.0.

The entire texts are defined in relative units and cannot be simply increased and decreased with the assistance of standard implements of Internet browsers.

HTML documents are made of structural XHTML 1.0 Strict. For the visual presentation is being used the concatenated styles (CSS). The concatenated styles can be switched off with the aid of link Switch off CCS (the styles can be switched on again). This function requires permitted cookies in the browser.

The following shortcuts are being used for the most important navigation elements of this Web (access keys):

[alt + 0] - accessibility declaration
[alt + 1] - introductory page
[alt + 2] - contact us
[alt + 5] - map of server

Anawe has created the pattern and CCS code.(www.anawe.cz - Everything for your Internet presentation).

In case you don’t find at these pages anything that doesn’t meet the requirements of accessibility, please inform us, and we will take steps to do away with deficiencies.

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20.8.2008 Wedding Fair

13.-15.2.2009 Wedding Fair at Diplomat Hotel

20.8.2008 Valentine’s

The 14th of February is Valentine’s…do not forget to give your loved one something special.



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Petra & Petr

An absolutely perfect wedding! It was the most beautiful day in our lives, without the help of the agency we would have had a hard time managing it! Many thanks to the team of Immo et Immo

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